I was lucky

Yesterday (Nov 19, 2015) I was training my young ones, it was their 3rd day out on the loft. They flew for around 15 minutes and I dropped them using my white droppers. However one of them would not land on the loft roof and kept flying low even though all the others had landed on the loft. Well it finally did land on the roof ,but would not come in. Due to lack of space in my loft I keep the young ones in the breeding loft. I forgot that the door to the trap door that leads to the flight on the top was open and like an old fool I opened the trap door on the loft roof to see if this last young one would come in via the trap door. I did this and went inside as my phone was ringing. When I came back to the loft I noticed one of my Shannon hens was on the loft roof. In a panic I went and dropped the trap door so the others in the breeding loft which are not settled did not get out. In doing this I spooked the Shannon hen and she took to the air. I released my droppers again and let them fly around the loft hoping she would land, but it was not to be. She was sitting on two eggs and they are about to hatch in two days. Needles to say I was gutted. Now this hen I bred two years ago and when she was young I pinned her wings and let her walk about the yard in front of my loft for a few weeks, I then released her feathers and let her do the same thing for a few days. On one occasion she took off and hit the pins, she was up there for a good 4 hours with my other settled birds. When she landed I put her away as stock to breed from her later when she had matured. She had only flown once two years ago so I did not expect her to ever come back, however to my delight last evening she appeared from no where and landed on the loft and went straight in through the normal trap door without a fuss. She went in drank some water and went straight to her nest and pushed the cock off the eggs and settled down on the eggs. How lucky am I? I am over the moon getting her back. Sorry for the long winded story, but that is just how it happened.