New AFTU Flying Record

I am thrilled to announce that Philip Ching one of our AFTU members flew a kit of three tipplers on Sunday (Nov 10, 2013) in an AFTU official fly, and has created a new AFTU record. He released his kit of three birds, two Blue Bar Cocks and one Blue Grizzle hen at 6:10 AM and dropped his kit at 7:30 PM. His droppers were released at 7:20 PM. The kit would have flown a lot longer, however due to a falcon attack he dropped his birds at the time mentioned. The first bird landed at 7:25 PM, the second landed at 7:27 PM and the third landed at 7:30 PM. The new record flown is 13 hours and 10 minutes, which breaks his old record of 11 hours 46 minutes. The referee was Mr. Turhn (Tom). Philip said that the birds flew strong all day in a tight kit. The Melbourne skies were partly cloudy at first, but blue skies were the order of the day for the rest of the fly. The falcon had made a few attempts at the kit during the morning then left without taking any birds, however when it returned at 7:10 PM Philip did not want to take any chances and called time and released the droppers at 7:20 PM. This is fantastic news, we are slowly making head way with our birds and managing to increase our fly times considering the major falcon problem we have in this country of ours.